Sunday, 26 December 2010


Christmas Day was quiet as Nit started his new venture selling at the local markets.  This meant heading to Nong Han early to stock up on what is basically Chinese ****.  Nit is buying from a local shop, wholesale and they had just arrived back from Bangkok with a load.  A least as we are buying things he also sells there is a demand.  Nit is being 'restrictive' keeping to items he can sell for 20Baht with a 20% margin.  Day one at the local Saturday market which cost 80Baht for the pitch and yielded sales of 3500Baht

As a result I spent the afternoon cooking roast pork, vegetables and home made ice cream and we had a small party at the karaoke in the evening once Nit returned.  However the favorite was the 'starter' of strawberries in red wine!.

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