Friday, 22 June 2012

Booking Thai Train Tickets On Line

is easy.  you go to the SRT site at Thairailticket.

Once you register, which is painless you can log in and book your ticket.  You need to select the line (Northern, North-Eastern or Southern) and then your departure and arrival stations and date of travel and number of passengers.  You will then be offered available trains.  Once you select your train then you'll get a choice of coach types.

One thing to note is that because a coach type, or seat/berth is not shown as available on line does not mean that if you go to the station it won't be available.  It seems only a limited number of seats are made available on line.

Anyway you then need to enter gender and passenger name. and either auto or manual select the seat, I always go for manual.  Once you have seelcted your seat/berth then you get to pay online.

There is a 20Baht charge and a 3% payment handling fee, which the site states is not a credit card charge.

Anyway on my normal lower berth second class air con which costs 739Bht, the additional charges worek out at B42.77.  Comaopre that with the cost of a trip to the station.

You process your payment on line (Visa/Mastercard/JCB and Bangkok Bank and KBank ATM cards) and after a few seconds your ticket will be on screen for you to print out.  Simply do that and take it with you to the station.

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